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Thriving Communities – In Conversation with Thomas Osdoba on the Climate-Neutral Cities Mission

Thriving Communities will be in Conversation with Thomas Osdoba from EIT Climate-KIC and director of the Net Zero Cities initiative.

About this Event

During this ‘In Conversation’ event, we will be discussing the opportunities and real challenges that cities in SE Europe must now rise to if they are to achieve the Mission for 100 Climate Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030.

Net Zero Cities is delivering the first phase of the ‘mission platform’ being established by the EU Commission to provide technical, regulatory and financial assistance to help selected cities to pursue the mission.

Thriving Communities is a collective initiative with a mission to help communities to create radical enough change to thrive in the 21st century. We have recently published some insights on the economic case for the decarbonisation mission in SE Europe and suggested next steps towards the mission for urban communities.

All changemakers seeking insights on mission-led change are welcome to join this free event, especially those from SE Europe (also whether or not your city has recently been shortlisted for the mission by the EU Commission).

It will be a conversation. You will be welcome to participate with questions.

Thomas Osdoba

Thomas joined EIT Climate-KIC in 2018 and helped to launch Healthy, Clean Cities – one of Europe’s leading efforts to help cities respond to the climate emergency and build inclusive and prosperous communities. This has then grown into Net Zero Cities.

Thomas brings to community transformation work his exemplary history of leadership and catalysing innovation that spans public, private, nonprofit, and academic sectors. His expertise covers sustainability, community and economic development, climate change mitigation and resilience, impact investing, and social enterprise development. Thomas has co-created numerous social enterprises and organisations, including EcoDistricts, New Energy Cities, Clean Energy Works, Portland Sustainability Institute, Vancouver Board of Change.

Thomas is originally from the USA and is currently based in Madrid. He has worked across Eu-rope and deeply on community sustainability in Portland, Oregon in the USA and Vancouver in Canada.

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