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Funders & Projects

We are in the process of expanding our funding base and we are seeking new investment partnerships for both our core programmes and specific community projects.

Visit our investment portal to find out how you can help us to expand our work and grow our impact.

Project grants that are directly supporting our work are highlighted below:

Placemaking for Citizen-led Missions in SE Europe

The Placemaking for Citizen-led Missions in SE Europe (PLACE) project is helping to advance our work on Placemaking for Civic Imagination.

Under the PLACE project we will be designing and delivering a series of local placemaking processes in Slovenia, Croatia and Sicily; along with a number of international learning and capacity building events focussed on how placemaking can help to unlock radical community change. Korimako is co-ordinator of the PLACE project, with project partners KLIK, PUSH and Placemaking Europe (working closely with Placemaking Western Balkans). The PLACE project is funded through the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values programme of the European Union.

Future Cities of SE Europe

The Thriving Communities initiative builds on the Future Cities of SE Europe Project that started to trigger mission-led change work in five city communities across SE Europe – thanks to co-funding from EIT Climate-KIC. Through the the Future Cities of SE Europe project, partners from the city communities of Skopje (North Macedonia), Križevci (Croatia), Maribor (Slovenia), Niš (Serbia) and Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina) have been experimenting with pathways towards an ambitious mission to make these cities into some of the best possible cities to live, work and visit in SE Europe — and climate-neutral by 2030. The partners working on this project included: SmartUp – Social Innovation Lab Skopje (North Macedonia), KLIK energetska zadruga (Croatia), ZEZ (Croatia), Serbia Chamber of Commerce (Serbia), Naučno tehnološki park Niš (Serbia), ZUM (Slovenia), eZavod (Slovenia), SERDA (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Bankers without Boundaries (United Kingdom), Material Economics (Sweden), The Democratic Society (Brussels) and Dark Matter Laboratories (United Kingdom).

This website was designed and built by Smart Up in 2022 for the Thriving Communities initiative under the Future Cities of SE Europe project, to help sustain the project results. While this website was developed and maintained with the financial support of the European Union, its content is the sole responsibility of Thriving Communities and does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.



Thriving communities partners Smart Up, KLIK and Korimako are teaming up through the InnoFinRES project to develop a novel community energy financing model that can work in North Macedonia. The model will be based on analysis of the the local legal and financing context, blended with a review of best European practices for community financing and local government impact investing. The project is a collaboration with the Municipality of Ilinden and the Solar Association of North Macedonia. This project is helping to advance our work on community energy.  The InnoFinRES project is supported by EIT Climate KIC.


Thanks to Superstudio for their generous efforts helping bring Thriving Communities to life visually.

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