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About us

Thriving Communities is a collective initiative with a mission to help communities to create radical enough change to thrive in the 21st century.

By ‘thriving’ we mean that communities attain high levels of wellbeing for everyone, while getting back to living within the ecological and physical limits of their local environment and Planet Earth.

This means everyone having the blue things without breaking the green systems shown in the diagram below.

This is our mission because human societies still remain far from enabling everyone to live well, without breaking the planetary systems that we depend on. It is urgent for communities to change tracks. This is why we do what we do.

There are clearly deep and structural issues in how we have been working to create change and progress. These are keeping us on track for a worse rather than better future. So, we focus on the core problem of how communities can organise, resource, plan and manage radical enough change to come to live and thrive within planetary boundaries.

Our approach to tackling this problem is built around the following eight interlinked elements:

Thriving Communities is a collective initiative, not an organisation, as we believe that the problems we tackle are beyond what any single organisation can address on their own. We create space for collaborative work between organisations and individuals committed to our mission and ways of working.

Members of Our Collective commit to a set of Core Principles that guide our work. New members of our collective are always welcome – join us!

We are currently focussed on working with communities in South-east Europe, as a region with significant opportunities and challenges.

We are in the process of expanding our funding base and are seeking new investment partnerships for both our core programmes and specific community projects. Visit our investment portal to find out more.

The Thriving Communities initiative is conceived and coordinated by Korimako.

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