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Our Principles

Members of the Thriving Communities collective commit to the following core guiding principles:


We take a holistic view of creating radical enough change for communities to thrive in the 21st century. By ‘thriving’ we mean that communities attain high levels of wellbeing for everyone, while getting back to living within the ecological and physical limits of their local environment and Planet Earth.


In pursuit of radical enough change, we will use missions to constantly focus on finding ways to do what must be done, not just what it feels like communities can do next.


We focus on ‘how’ to do radical change in communities, as the case for why radical change is needed is already well made by others.


We recognise that how we have all been working has proven insufficient and we must find better ways forward. We know that this means we have to ‘unlearn’ certain behaviours and do better.


We can only succeed through broad collaboration and collective effort. As the challenges we tackle are beyond what any one organisation can address alone. So, we will all be humble in bringing our knowledge and experience into the collective effort of Thriving Communities, while striving to listen and learn.


We will appreciate and build on the best of the assets that communities already have


We recognise that the difficult work of dismantling power structures that perpetuate exploitation and inequality is critical on the path to a thriving future for all. We will not shy from finding ways to tackle this.


We are excited to work with governments of all levels where there is commitment to make radical change happen, but we will not wait for governments when there is greater leadership coming from others in a community


We know that, even with the best intent, radical change will generate social tensions at times. We will navigate conflicts with honesty, transparency, excellent communication, good humour and of course non-violence.


This work is immensely hard and will only be possible with enough amazing people working to make it real. We therefore will stay honest about the funding and resources needed to do this work properly, while recognising that securing and sustaining these resources will demand creativity and flexibility.

New members of our collective are always welcome!

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